Powerful CRM, Business intelligence, Custom Reporting and more

Powerful CRM, Business intelligence, Custom Reporting and more

Redview CRM unlocks the marketing potential
within LEAP to grow your business

RedView CRM integrates seamlessly with LEAP, allowing you to harness the power of your client and matter data to fine tune your marketing.

Because it is a specialist legal CRM Platform designed for LEAP, it unleashes the potential of your LEAP data to optimise your customer experience and maximise your business growth.

Purpose built CRM with powerful automation features

RedView CRM automates new business enquiries, seamlessly integrates with your website to pull enquiries directly into the system for optimising follow up, integrates with Outlook to easily capture email enquiries, and provides strategic mailout capability to regenerate leads and win business. Build relationships with your clients and potential clients like never before with Redview CRM.

Understand your firm’s health at a glance.

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RedView Acuity harnesses your LEAP data, giving you a clearer picture of your firm

RedView Acuity helps you understand your firm’s health at a glance. You can tailor the dashboard to suit your business, displaying relevant LEAP data in an actionable, insightful and intuitive manner.

See trends, know how you’re performing

RedView Acuity takes your LEAP data and shapes it into a wide array of performance metrics in easy to comprehend graphs (there’s over a 150 different reporting options at your fingertips) that give you clarity and focus on how your business is performing. Designed to work seamlessly with LEAP, RedView Acuity is up and running in a matter of days and provides you with unparalleled understanding of the key metrics you need to run a legal practice.

Custom Reporting tailors LEAP for your firm, saving time and money

If you like your reports set up in a specific way, Redview offers a specialised report development service to build reports to show information in exactly the way you want.

If you’re using Excel to collate data into the format you need, you can save time and money with a custom-built report – plus ensure accuracy.

Simple to install.
Up and running fast

RedView is designed for LEAP so the setup and install is super simple. You’ll be up and running in no time - from a few hours to a matter of days.

Save time.
Save Money

RedView harnesses your LEAP data and configures it in ways that supercharges your firm’s performance, making your team more efficient. Time is money.

Seamless software that
leverages LEAP

RedView is fully integrated with the LEAP system so you can leverage all that LEAP data and put it to work even harder for your business.

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26 Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin, D02 X361. Copyright © LEAP Legal Software. All rights reserved.

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