Case Management and Accounting Software for Law Firms

Focused on the needs of sole practitioners and small to mid-sized law firms working across the common areas of law,
LEAP Legal Software helps law firms across Ireland to streamline their processes, work more efficiently and provide a better quality of service to their clients.

LEAP Legal Case Management Software | LEAP Legal Software Ireland LEAP Legal Case Management Software | LEAP Legal Software Ireland LEAP Legal Case Management Software | LEAP Legal Software Ireland

Access all your matter information electronically on any device.


Product | LEAP Legal Software Ireland - Mobile & Tablet

A highly innovative product

Highly innovative software

Work is no longer a place, it is an activity. With LEAP, you can capitalise on previously wasted hours out of the office by working on the go. LEAP revolutionises the way you practice law, providing a complete practice management solution across any device on any platform.

By adopting cloud technology, LEAP is able to deliver world class software across multiple devices. Our cross-platform ecosystem of apps delivers matter management – including automated document production, time recording and legal accounting – from any connected device, whenever you like.

No other legal software provider can deliver the same level of service with constant updates being made to LEAP across its suite of products to ensure you have the best experience possible from whatever device you are using. Our strategic partnerships also ensure that LEAP works with other innovative and market leading solutions, so that you can benefit from seamless integrations.

With dedicated apps for Windows, iOS, Android and browsers, updates are pushed to you automatically, so there is no need to plan downtime to accommodate software updates – simply download the app and update it.

Legal Content

Extensive, fully integrated legal content

Supporting our innovative software is our integrated content. This provides the intellectual property that you have come to rely upon daily.

LEAP’s dedicated team of content specialists maintain and grow a comprehensive catalogue of integrated legal forms, monitoring multiple agencies to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date versions of forms. These forms, alongside an extensive precedent library, are fully automated, pre-populating matter information directly into the document without the need to rekey any data.

This dedication to provide wide-ranging content for you simplifies your working day, taking away considerable administration burden and delivering a quality service that sets us apart from our competition.

LEAP Legal Software Ireland - Three Republic of Ireland Forms

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About LEAP

Focused on the needs of sole practitioners and small to mid-sized law firms working across the common areas of law, LEAP helps law firms across Ireland to streamline their processes, work more efficiently and provide a better quality of service to their clients.

Providing everything you need to run a law firm.

  • One system – easy to use and fully integrated.
  • Mobility – work anywhere, anytime from any device.
  • No servers – simplify your IT, lower your support costs.
  • Automated forms.

LEAP invests more than €9 million a year into research and development of the product with the SME law firms in mind. As a result, LEAP is a practical and user friendly solution providing everything you need to run a law firm.

Benefit from cloud technology

  • Run your sole practice or law firm from wherever you are.
  • Access your client and matter information on the move.
  • Work online or offline.
  • Receive automatic upgrades and content updates.
  • Benefit from data security afforded by Amazon Web Services.
  • Remove the need for a local server, reducing costs and simplifying IT requirements.
LEAP Legal Software Ireland - Mobile & Tablet Cloud Technology

Everything you need to run a law firm.


World class customer care

We are passionate about helping you maximise your return on your investment in LEAP. With our expert teams delivering ongoing support, additional training, customisations and consultancy, you can be assured you are receiving world class customer care.

LEAP Legal Software Ireland - Customer Service

LEAP Certified Consultants are industry experts, trained to deliver LEAP training courses, customisations and provide consultancy on how to modernise your business by adopting new technology and practices.

LEAP Legal Software Ireland - SME Firms

Our SME consultants are on hand to support our larger clients make the transition to LEAP. From initial consultation through to installation of the software, our experienced team ensure the process runs smoothly and as a business you hit the ground running with minimal disruption, find out more.

LEAP Legal Software Ireland - Success

The Client Success Team work with you to keep you up-to-date with changes to the LEAP products, delivering online training courses ranging from general overviews to in-depth processes in specific areas of law. They are also on hand to help troubleshoot problem areas and help you understand how best to use LEAP in a more specialised manner.

LEAP Legal Software Ireland - Community

LEAP Community provides day-to-day product support where you can find the answer to the most common queries, discuss LEAP with other users and also suggest ideas on how to improve the product through the Ideas Hub. If you need specific advice, you can easily access the Helpdesk from within the Community and ‘chat’ with our specialist team of Consultants. Finally, you can see the latest innovations on our YouTube channel.


The 11 habits of highly successful law firms

The secret that all successful law firms have in common, is that good habits are ingrained in their company culture and the way that they practise.

As well as providing valuable guidance this informative session explores the 11 common characteristics typically associated with successful law firms in the digital age, including habits that have allowed them to achieve success even throughout this difficult time.

Building a successful law firm requires thought and planning but above all it requires action. Whether you’re looking to progress your firm to the next level or navigate this challenging period this is the session for you.

Register for this FREE online information session and discover the 11 habits of highly successful law firms.

LEAP Legal Software | Ireland

The 11 habits of highly
successful law firms

Thursday 27th August 2020

12:30 PM - 13:15 PM

Business Support Partners

Trinity Indemnity - LEAP Legal Software | Ireland

Trinity Indemnity

0203 858 9050 |

Trinity Indemnity are an Insurance Intermediary specialising in Professional Indemnity and financial lines insurances within the professional and legal sector. We identify the exposures a firm has and provide solutions that offer comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. We recognise that regular audits and proactive risk management play a significant and important role when presenting and negotiating terms with Insurers.

Trinity Indemnity are pleased to partner with LEAP and offer LEAP clients an insurance package tailored to meet their specific needs.

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Ross Boyd Limited - LEAP Legal Software | Ireland

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Ross Boyd Limited are a fast-growing advisory accounting practice based in London and Belfast, serving clients across the UK and Ireland.

RBL work with a diverse client base across a range of areas, including: pensions advisory services; business rescue; assisting with corporate transactions; and, strategic & financial planning for start-ups.

RBL aim to deliver pragmatic and progressive advice in a professional and cost effective manner.