Create electronic court bundles in minutes

Create electronic court bundles in minutes

Create court bundles in minutes.

A user-friendly web-based solution, BundlePro is designed to reduce the labour intensive, time consuming and resource-heavy task of preparing an efficient and effective trial bundle.

Specifically designed to integrate with LEAP the solution makes it extremely convenient for you to manage files, access documents and recover costs.

Create and customise trial bundles with ease.

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From LEAP to BundlePro

Traditionally bundling involves documents being printed in bulk, duplicated, collated, and couriered to the parties involved. This incurs significant costs and time spent at every stage, and as a case progresses, the entire bundle must be constantly updated for every party, involving additional time and expenditure.

With BundlePro, you can bundle documents together, share and edit with ease.

Powerful features

Convert large volumes of documents into a single PDF, complete with an auto-generated paginated index, Bookmarks, hyperlinks, and a cover page. The contents of the electronic binder are run through forensic OCR becoming fully text searchable.

Time efficient

Simple and easy to use BundlePro’s integration with LEAP saves you time like no other solution. It allows law firms to create professional, presentable, searchable and cost effective electronic PDF bundles for the court in minutes, not hours!

Cost effective

Once a bundle has been created, an automatic disbursement can be generated back to your client’s ledger in LEAP, ensuring you recover any expenses incurred.

Exclusive integration with LEAP

Using BundlePro you can benefit from:

  • Automatic Pagination - Improve reading experience with Custom Indexing, Auto Page Numbering and Easy Document Collation.
  • Fully Searchable text - Finding copy is easy with BundlePro’s Forensic OCR options.
  • Simple and responsive UI drag and drop interface - Move, migrate, and merge documents with ease.
  • Collaboration - Work with others on bundles virtually and see the changes in real-time.
  • Customisation - Generate PDF bundles according to your own settings and design preferences. Options such as title pages, index pages, document stamping, redactions, vacating pages, watermarking, and labelling.
  • Easy Access - Being virtual and stored in the cloud your bundle travels with you.
  • Compliance - Created digital briefs and bundles in accordance with the requirements of the courts.


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26 Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin, D02 X361. Copyright © LEAP Legal Software. All rights reserved.

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