Practice Management Software
for Personal Injury

LEAP delivers market leading practice management software to personal injury lawyers, providing everything they need to conduct a matter.

All case matter information in one place

LEAP develops practice management software that provides everything you need to complete personal injury law matters. With integrated, up-to-date and fully automated forms, accounting, time recording and so much more, LEAP’s cloud-based software streamlines the progression of your personal injury matters.

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Pre-configured Matter Types

Developed by personal injury specialists, Personal Injury Matter Types provide all fields necessary to capture pertinent information. This information is used to generate documents with pre-filled client and matter information.

LEAP includes the following Matter Types: Medical Negligence, Personal Injury and Road Traffic Accident.

Automated legal forms

LEAP contains all the legal forms you need to conduct a PI matter. To boost efficiency, forms are automatically populated with the details recorded in your LEAP matter.

LEAP provides a comprehensive library of over 1,700 legal forms that cover all aspects of personal injury, including our Client Care and Terms of Business.

Personal Injury Software Matter Type - LEAP Legal Software UK
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Court Bundle

LEAP's integration with market leading bundling apps automates the production of compliant Court bundles from your LEAP documents.

Prepare a bundle for court - manually create a paginated indexed bundle, a brief to counsel or a court bundle in minutes.

Make more money from Personal Injury work

Personal Injury matter management is important to many law firms, discover how LEAP can help.

  • Create a paginated indexed bundle, brief to counsel or court bundle in minutes.
  • Take payments online with RapidPay, our integrated legal payments solution.
  • An electronic matter to manage all the data and correspondence needed to conduct the matter in a timely and professional manner.
  • Automated legal forms pre-filled with client and matter details to eliminate manual data entry.
  • Share documents and access matter details, client information and correspondence from any connected device.
  • Accurately capture time from anywhere through deeply integrated time recording, including configurable task and activity codes.
  • Integrated legal accounting ensures regulatory compliance, timely invoicing and disbursement management.
  • Simplified disaster recovery with continual backups through AWS with 99.9% uptime for access from any connected device.
  • Integrated device management and two-factor authentication delivers unparalleled levels of security.
  • Collaborate with clients and third-parties through LawConnect, our integrated collaboration platform.


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26 Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin, D02 X361. Copyright © LEAP Legal Software. All rights reserved.

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