Accessible from any web-browser or LEAP’s mobile app. You can communicate with clients and colleagues, record time and access matter documentation from anywhere at anytime.

  • Log in using your fingerprint
  • All your matters instantly available
  • Import files from anywhere directly into your matter in LEAP
  • Call directly from the contact
  • Email directly from the matter
  • Record and edit time entries
  • Make file comments in your matters
  • Convert legal documents to PDF before emailing
  • View critical dates and tasks
  • Access accounting and trust money
  • Scan, edit and save back to your matter in LEAP
  • Access all matter details, including documents and correspondence

* Some features only available on iPhone

 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Mobile & Tablet
 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Legal matter management

Matter Management

Handle matter accounting, time recording and case documentation from a central location. LEAP integrates with leading providers including Xero and Microsoft Office 365, enabling full matter management.

Benefit from:

  • Electronic matters
  • Quick matter search capability
  • All your matter information in one place
  • Matter types pre-configured to save you time
  • Automatic saving of documents, forms, emails and searches to your matter
  • Managing your matters from the palm of your hand

Document Preparation

Legal document preparation couldn't be easier with access to an extensive list of legal forms and precedents specific to common areas of law in Ireland.

Create documents accurately – You have access to an extensive set of up-to-date automated precedents. You also have the ability to import your own precedents into LEAP.

Create documents efficiently – Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat allows you to create legal documents in any format. Your data automatically merges, creating your documents quickly and accurately with minimal fuss.

 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Legal document preparation
 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Legal content

Legal Content

We do the work so that you don’t have to.

LEAP combines world-leading technology with the provision of quality legal content, the breadth and depth of which enables your law firm to produce legal documentation both quickly and accurately directly from the matter.

Our dedication to provide quality content for our clients is what makes us stand out from the competition.

Automated Legal Forms

With access to an extensive library of automated forms and precedents specific to Ireland, you can create and manage documents in an instant, merging data directly from the matter.

  • The most extensive & up-to-date range of legal forms available
  • Fully automated forms pre-populated with information held within the matter
  • Send and receive emails from your mobile

Save time with LEAP's legal document automation software and manage all of your legal forms, documents and precedents.

 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Automated legal forms
LEAP Legal Software - Legal document management

Document Management

With your documents saved directly to the matter, it is simple to share, find and retrieve matter information.

Find documents fast – All versions of your documents in LEAP are saved to the correct electronic matter and you can roll back to a previous version of a document at any time, making it easy for you to find the document you are looking for, fast.

Share documents securely – LawConnect, a document management system allowing law firms to share documents with their clients securely, integrates seamlessly with LEAP.

Client Accounting

Integrate your Accounting System with your Legal Software.

  • Make more money – Reduce the number of billing errors as well as capture all recoveries and disbursements owed to you.
  • Increase efficiency – Customised billing templates and automatic completion of background bookkeeping entries.
  • In Ireland – Provides your firm with the required tools to ensure compliance with your regulatory body.
  • LEAP’s integration with Xero – Enable legal professionals and support staff to time record, do legal billing and client accounting.
 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Client Accounting
 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Email management

Email Management

Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, organise your emails simply and according to the matter.

  • Create professional emails – LEAP Email Management Software for Solicitors integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Automatically save emails – Every email is automatically stored to the same, relevant electronic matter within LEAP.
  • Manage your emails from the palm of your hand – All matter related email correspondence from your mobile is automatically saved into LEAP.

Time Recording

Record your billable units with more accuracy and less effort, directly from the matter with the time recording feature. Don’t miss another minute of your billable time.

  • Capture every minute – Never miss a minute of your chargeable time.
  • Record time for a new client – You will never miss out on recording time with a first time client.
  • View critical information whilst time recording – View all information needed to consult with your client on one screen.
  • Monitor your daily budget – Stay on track of your budgets by viewing the Timesheet in LEAP.
  • Available on LEAP Mobile – Create, edit and view time entries and fixed fees, use voice recognition and automatically record time on outgoing phone calls.
 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Legal time recording
 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Legal billing


Take the pain out of bookkeeping. Track billable units, manage client monies and capture all disbursements.

Reduce risk – LEAP makes it easy to follow your client accounting responsibilities so you can look after your client's legal billing accurately and safely, whilst complying with your professional obligations.


Produce insight-rich billing and timekeeping reports to measure your firm’s performance with confidence.

Valuable data at your fingertips – With LEAP's reporting software, one click allows you to export all time entries to a spreadsheet, take a snapshot of your outstanding invoices, work-in-progress and aged debtors or generate an instant snapshot of all invoices for analysis, allowing full legal practice management.

 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Legal reporting
 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Charges & costs

Charges and Costs

With legal charges and costs kept up-to-date within the software, your practice can remain compliant with professional obligations.

Peace of mind – Within LEAP, legal rates and charges are updated within the software, keeping your practice compliant with professional obligations.

All in one place – Keep up efficiency in your firm by using LEAP and you will find all your up-to-date legal rates and charges in one place.

Software Integrations

LEAP provides additional enhancements to the solution through seamless integration with leading software solutions.

 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Office 365 logo

Office 365 – Fully utilising the power of the cloud, LEAP integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to liberate you from your desktop.

It is now possible to work from anywhere – whether at home, a client’s office, in court or on the train – using familiar Office applications.

 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - LawConnect logo

LawConnect – Document management, simplified. With just a few clicks you can securely share and collaborate on documents with your clients from within the matter.

Easy to use, yet powerful, you are always in control of your document and can revoke access in a single click.

 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Xero logo

Xero – Integration with market leading accountancy software makes sharing your firm’s financial data with your accountant easy.

This allows you to complete VAT returns electronically and simplifying cash flow management – all from any device.

 LEAP Legal Software | Ireland - Xero logo

Zaliet – Provides a Service Portal where your clients can communicate and collaborate with your firm, 24/7. An easy-to-use dashboard helps manage all incoming enquiries that can convert to a person in LEAP.

They have brought LawConnect features into the product as well, improving workflow and accuracy.